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Bug Repellent Small

Bug Repellent Small

Bug Repellent Small


Chemical Free Fly & Bug Repellent

Vet Naturals Fly Repellent fills the need for a natural deterrent to flies and biting insects. A chemical free environment is the desire of most pet owners around their animals. This formula is safe for all animals except cats, ideal though for dogs, and it is also great for people.

Oil based kind to skin

• Spray liberally but use sponge or cloth over the face

• Keep away from eyes – rinse with water if product does go into eyes

• Shake well first – it is not an aerosol

• Useful for all animals to deter flies and biting insects

• Very suitable for owners too


Due to the nature of essential oils, and the fact that it is a spray and not a compressed aerosol, it is important to shake the bottle before use.

Active Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Tea Tree Oil, Citronella Oil, Lemon Oil

Available in 120ml spray bottle.