Be Prepared - First Aid for Your Pets

  • Dealing with Sensitive Skin?

    Look after your pets with confidence!

  • Lillidale Tender & Gentle Shampoo

    Formulated to be soothing and gently cleansing with coconut oil and oil of rosemary. It naturally deters fleas and ticks, but kind on sensitive skin or puppy skin.

  • Lillidale Specialist Shampoo Range

    Itch Free Shampoo, Colour Enhancing Shampoo, White Dog Shampoo, Tender & Gentle Shampoo, Medicated Shampoo and Tea Tree Shampoo plus ProJoint 4 Dogs and Wound Cream.


Bruce the Labrador

“Hot Itchy rash that always irritated him so much he couldn’t leave it alone. With Skin Repair it went in a couple of weeks. Bruce is happy now.”

Sally the Collie

“Had eczema on her tail; the itchy rash went in days and the hair grew back in just a few weeks.”

"To Whom It May Concern

Since we have been giving Rosie (2 Year Old Rottweiler Mastiff) Flex Canine, her mobility and general well being has improved greatly. We know this is a fact because within a couple of days of running out she stiffens up and is in obvious discomfort. I highly recommend this product."

Albert the Labrador

"Our elderly Labrador, Albert, started on Projoint Full Joint Support due to difficulty getting out of his bed in the mornings. Within a week we noticed an improvement. He seemed happier and had more energy. Buy the end of the month he was walking and rising much more freely and his “clicking” in his knee even resolved!!

Defiantly getting more Projoint Full Joint Support for Albert!!"