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Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit


Emergency Kit designed for Pets

This kit has been designed for the small pet owner and includes a variety of items that may assist in an emergency such as wounds, burns and grazes. Complete with saline to sluice a dirty wound, alcohol swabs to clean around the area, small size soft adhesive bandages, scissors, tweezers and adhesive tape. Latex gloves are also included for the owner.


1 x Petsportz wrap 5cm

1 x Medi Stretch 2.5cm x 4.5m

1 x Emu Oil Skin repair 50gm

1 x Scissors

1 x Tweezers

2 x Gloves Latex Pair

2 x Saline Sterile Wound Wash 30ml

6 x Alcohol Swabs sachet

1 x Antibacterial Gel 60ml

1 x Burn Jel Sachet

2 x Steripad 5cm x 5cm

1 x Underpad

1 x Plastic Box